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Previous Clients

VIVA Democracy is proud to have worked with a number of wonderful clients, including:

  • Jim Davis for Florida (2006) Governor
  • Phil Angelides for California (2006) Governor
  • Rod Smith for Florida (2006) Governor
  • Virginia Democratic Party - Coordinated Campaign - Tim Kaine for Governor / Latino Outreach (2005)
  • Betty Castor for U.S. Senate (Florida) (2004)
  • Miami-Dade Democratic Executive Committee (2004)
  • Seniors for America (2004)

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In the Press

Ebullient Angelides looks ahead

7 Jun 2006 - San Francisco Chronicle

Sam Rodriguez, political director of the California Democratic Party, said two things worked in Angelides' favor: the low voter turnout and the ground game. Although Westly had claimed to be the high-tech candidate, it was Angelides' team that used a cutting edge, web-based voter identification program called "Viva Democracy."

"We micro-targeted and identified our supporters with the latest technology," said Rodriquez of the program that allowed volunteers to sign onto the Internet, log in and specifically choose the kind of supporters and party members they wanted to reach -- by sex, age, and even language. The technique worked especially well in heavily Democratic areas like San Francisco and Alameda, where volunteers made the calls from their own homes, and on their own cell phones rather than in sterile phone bank headquarters.


State Democrats Use Web to Muster Troops

10 Oct 2004 - Tampa Tribune

Along with its allies, the Democratic Party is furiously launching last-minute Web sites to enlist outreach volunteers online and immediately dispatch to them a replenishing list of some 10 to 15 Florida residents culled from sophisticated voter databases.

Volunteers also receive explicit directions on how to best call, visit or write a personal note to each of them.

In effect, the traditional campaign volunteer organizer -- the backbone of any political campaign -- is being replaced by a computer.

"The issue that we faced is: How do we organize 100,000 volunteers? No one we went to with the idea had ever reached this scale before. Now they can," said Daniel Lopez, a key developer of the software that runs several of the Web sites.


About VIVA

VIVA Democracy Corporation (VIVA) was founded in 2004 by an experienced political and technology team to provide progressive organizations with an innovative approach to web-based mobilization and management of volunteers.

VIVA's next-generation campaign management system goes far beyond the capabilities of even the most advanced voter file systems by addressing the tremendous organizational hurdles inherent to managing a large and dynamic field operation. VIVA's systems and consulting services help to greatly multiply the reach of a traditional campaign with existing staffing levels and budgets.

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